The RSC Story

90 Years of experience with chemical solutions

In 1924 Mr. I. D. Blumenthal was a traveling salesman in need of repair to his car's radiator. A local tinsmith in Charlotte, North Carolina repaired the radiator with a "magic powder". Impressed with the product, I.D. teamed with the tinsmith and SOLDER SEAL became the first product of Radiator Specialty Company. His brother, Herman, joined the company in 1938 to make it a family run business. When I. D. passed away, Herman became Chairman of the Board, and likewise, later his eldest son, Alan assumed responsibility.

In 1931 The Radiator Specialty Company of Canada was chartered. In 1933 the company purchased Golden State Rubber Mills in Los Angeles, California. In 1937 a Charlotte rubber products plant was added and TITESEAL SEALING COMPOUNDS were born. In 1941 LIQUID WRENCH® products became part of the line. Radiator Specialty Company later expanded into plumbing products and added a hardware line.

During World War II, rubber products were produced in the California plants and used in America's aircraft assembly. In 1949 the rubber production was moved to Charlotte where SAFE-T-CONE® products were developed and produced as well as more chemical and plumbing/hardware products. In 1958 the Douglas Tools line of augers, hole saws, hammers, levels, and measuring devices, was added. GUNK LABORATORIES was acquired in 1959, resulting in the addition of an entire line of GUNK degreasers -- including ENGINE BRITE® -- and cleaning products. The SolderSeal-Gunk logo was formed at that time.

In 1964 a new office building was constructed and opened in Charlotte. In 1972, the automotive chemical production line outgrew the Charlotte facility and a 60,000 plus square foot aerosol production plant was added at Indian Trail, North Carolina. Expansion was necessary again in 1979 with the acquisition of CRP hose.

A patent was secured on the plastic drums, used especially in road construction, in 1985… and opened opportunities with the United States Department of Transportation. Both standard and custom reflective signs were produced, including Interstate highway signs.

In 1988 the Truck and Heavy Duty Division of Radiator Specialty Company was established. In 1995 Highway Safety Products in Napa, California was acquired to make traffic cones on the West Coast.

In 1999, Omega Products, producers of appliance hoses, located in Bremen, Indiana became part of Radiator Specialty Company. Omega is the major supplier of hoses to the Home Appliance Manufacturing Industry.

Radiator Specialty continues to thrive and serve the automotive aftermarket, plumbing, hardware and appliance industries with quality products that make things work better.